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Monday, November 16, 2015 02:54 PM

Website Gets New Look, Improved Navigation and Functionality

WEXFORD, PA – The NARSA Website has undergone a complete overhaul that will provide greater functionality and vastly improved navigation. This will be at least fifth redesign since the www.narsa.org was first launched in 1998. Key features of the improvements will be a Member Center that will house exclusive information and features for NARSA members only.

The site has a general public area that is open to all and provides information about the organization, its programs, membership and the Heating and Cooling Exchange Product and Service Directory. Commented NARSA’s Wayne Juchno, “This was very much needed and it took some time to put together all of the pieces. The funding had to be there and then the site supplier process came next. We have been working on the actual design, features and content for the past seven months. It will be a work in progress as we move forward.” Juchno said they had several false starts in the past but they were able to learn from these prior experiences and create an affordable, attractive and functional communication center for NARSA.

Along with the new website, there is a new member management system that will facilitate communications to and from members with the association. Members have the ability to change or add company contacts and register for events and programs. Integrated into the site are interfaces to the developing NARSA social media program as well as two new member exclusive web publications.

“The new site will assist the organization to expand its digital communications and we are all very excited about the new opportunities that the technology will provide,” said Juchno.

The site is accessible via computers, smart phones and tablets. “We are now taking orders for the limited number of promotional and ad spots we have,” Juchno said.“There is a new age in product and service promotion and we want to be a part of that for our members and their suppliers.”