Sky is the limit for Finger’s Radiator Hospital Print
Tuesday, November 15, 2016 11:14 AM

Sky is the limit for Finger’s Radiator Hospital

NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – When the MetLife Blimp started to “run a fever” due to an ailing radiator, they brought it to Finger’s Radiator Hospital for treatment. According to shop owner Frank Finger, “Our staff rodded it out and cleaned it. Now the fever has broken and MetLife Blimp’s temperature is back to normal.”


The MetLife Blimp is a regular at many sporting events and now has a connection to a brother NARSA member. 

With too many clogged tubes, the radiator needed a little relief. 

A rod out did the job. 


Finger's Radiator in North Brunswick, NJ. 

The finished product.



Frank said the patient has been released. “When you see her on television, covering your favorite sporting event, know that she was cured by a brother NARSA member.” Special thanks to Frank and the crew at Finger’s Radiator for providing the photos and story.