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Wednesday, March 15, 2017 01:33 PM

The Power of A

Today (March 15/), we celebrate American Associations Day by showcasing how in every industry, state and sector, associations strengthen lives, the economy, jobs, safety and security – and much more. 

NARSA - The International Heat Transfer Association, thanks you (our members) today on American Associations Day, for all you do to make America stronger, safer and a better place to live. NARSA makes America stronger by providing a focus for the business of thermal management for transportation and industry by providing commercial and technical forums that lead to business development, product innovation, and much more. 

Associations make America stronger. In virtually every industry and sector, associations advance workers’ job skills and create new employment opportunities. Associations implement programs and impact policies that strengthen America’s safety and security – on roadways, waterways, jobsites, the Internet and everywhere in-between.

Association members (NARSA members) are at the forefront of service innovation and facilitate domestic and international commerce. And, there is no other segment of society that improves lives like associations do – from creating industry standards of quality and safety, to providing disaster relief, to offering expertise that creates better policy – and so much more.

We call it the Power of A.

The Power of Associations

- Article from ASAE (American Society of Association Executives) 

Associations make broad contributions to American life. They are an essential piece of our national, state, and local economies. They create jobs in every state. Their measurable economic benefits include more than 1.3 million jobs for Americans and a total payroll of nearly $51 billion. Beyond their economic impact, however, are vital roles in educating the nation’s workforce, and developing voluntary industry standards to keep families safe. They illustrate how America works best when we work together.

Advancing the Workforce

Each year, associations provide millions of American workers across every industry and state with critical post-college skills training required for professional success and career advancement.  Associations proactively and purposefully create centralized training programs, certifications and standards to ensure individuals, industries and society-at-large benefit from a strong and vibrant workforce. 

  • 57 million adults in America take formal work-related courses or training each year, and more than 69 percent of those individuals receive those training courses from either a private business or a professional association.
  • In total, associations account for more than 315,000 meetings held in the U.S. each year, with 59.5 million participants in attendance.
  • Most associations (88 percent), regardless of type or size, report sponsoring an annual meeting or exhibition, with a median attendance of 803 registrants.

Setting Product Safety and Technical Standards

Associations develop product safety and technical standards that impact consumers every day. From the mattresses we sleep on to the food that we put on our dinner tables, standard-setting in the U.S. has historically been a process driven by the private sector, with the federal government in a supporting role. 

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