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NARSA – The International Heat Transfer Association is a global organization for owners and operators of businesses engaged in the sale, repair, re-manufacture, production and design of heat exchange products and services. NARSA serves a niche industry that specializes in heat exchange products and services for applications in global core industries including transportation, agriculture, construction, energy development and manufacturing. 

Founded in 1954 in the USA as the National Automotive Radiator Service Association, NARSA continues today as a 501 (C) 6 trade association with membership in 34 countries.

NARSA exists to create access to opportunities for its members through vision, knowledge and innovation. The core membership has its origin as firms that specialized in automotive, agricultural, heavy truck and equipment radiators. Today NARSA members serve multiple markets with a full range of engine and transmission cooling products and services as well as air conditioning and interior cabin climate control products for vehicles large and small. In addition, the NARSA membership provides heat exchange products and services for industrial and commercial applications found in manufacturing, energy exploration and development, and commercial buildings. 

In 2019, NARSA introduced its sister association IDEA. The International Diesel Emissions Association is a network geared toward helping connect suppliers and manufacturers to businesses involved in the servicing of Diesel Emissions components. As a large portion of NARSA's radiator service members are already cleaning DPFs, DOCs, SCRs and EGR coolers, the board thought it was a natural evolution to start a new association to address the needs of the diesel industry. 

NARSA and IDEA want to be part of the reason for your future success. As we progress with this new venture, you will see the Cooling Journal expanded with topics related to the new Diesel Emissions section.


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