NARSA Innovate Workshops

Workshops will be for breakout groups between 20 and 24 people. They will target specific assets of business and people management. These are expected to have a high level of interaction. Participants will work with the presenters in creating processes, lists, reports, tools that can be used when they return home. Each workshop will be repeated so attendees can take in all of them if they wish.

Strategic Planning and Follow Through 
Mark Taylor, ERS Cooling

Mark shares how he prepared himself and his business to take the next step towards his business’ declaration of independence from him. He details how he, his business partner and his employees worked together to learn, understand and implement a system that changed attitudes and freed them to radically change their “business as usual.”

Mark will walk the workgroups through similar exercises and processes that he did with his own business. He will also describe a system that works for him and his business the “Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).” Mark is successfully on track in joining his strategic plans to the management and capabilities of his business and will be sharing what he is using to position his business to maximize its potential. You are not too small to have a strategic plan.

View Mark Taylor's recommended reading. 

Industry Talent - Obtaining, Sustaining & Terminating Employees
Darlene Barlow, D Barlow Sales Solutions LLC.

Darlene Barlow applies her multi-faceted career in people, process and resource management, She will lead an interactive workshop using real workplace examples. Workshop covers: where and how to obtain the best employees; sustaining the employee machine; creating moneymakers for your business; and legal issues in termination.

Each attendee will receive an action packet to take back to their business, that includes additional material on each subtopic; a checklist with interview questions that actually get you answers; and employee progression forms; forms to document good and bad behaviors, plus The 30 Second Note. Get ready-to-use resources to plug into your management.

How to Channel the Power of Social MediaLiz Juchno, NARSA’s Digital Media/Marketing Coordinator and Account Manager Revive Marketing Group

Social media marketing isn’t a magic formula, but when used correctly, it can become a necessary staple for growing your business. It’s easy. It’s free (mostly). It is the future. Learn tips and tricks of the social media world and leave with a handful of posts, tweets and ideas ready to share on your own networks.

Liz will work with the groups to create a better understanding of social media and how it works with business. Workshop covers: What it is; digital marketing; the social media platforms; best social media platforms for shops/heat transfer industry; why do we need it; the future of networking/connecting. Leave with posts, tweet & campaigns ready to take straight to your networks. Plus, quick and easy ways to connect & network with influencers on social media.

Finding, Designing and Building a New Facility
Kyle Rickermann, Affton Radiator & A/C

Kyle will walk you through the steps his family is taking to re-invent their business and secure the right facility to house it. He will share with group the steps, the thinking, the frustrations, and the hopes that they have in finding, designing, redoing, and building their new facility in Fenton, MO. Look for valuable information from first-hand experience in this straight forward session before you embark on a similar journey.

Affton Radiator and AC Service has been owned and operated by the Rickermann family for nearly 40 years. During this time, the family has produced a craftsmanship that customers can rely on by stocking only the finest inventory of radiators and air coolers and designing their business around customer convenience, offering same-day or after-hours emergency service, pick-up and delivery.From Radiator or Fuel Tank repair to Heating and Air Conditioning repair and everything in between, they have you covered. 

Introduction to DPF Technology
Joel Christianson, American Radiator

The NARSA Innovate 2016 Conference has added another workshop. Joel Christianson from American Radiator will host a workshop on Friday and Saturday on “Introduction to DPF Technology.” Workshop will be the same each day and Joel will tell you his story on how he is approaching the market as well as provide general information on how to evaluate this potential add-on business for your shop or business.

For more than 35 years, American Radiator has served as a leading distributor of truck radiators and reliable replacement parts for semi truck trailers, ag equipment and more. With hundreds of years of combined experience, their professionals are proud to offer a complete line of automotive heating and cooling products. A lineup that includes your heavy duty radiator, automotive AC condenser, charge air cooler, diesel particulate filters and more. 


 General Session: REPORT Outs

Presenters and participants will have a chance to showcase some of the best and maybe some of the worst ideas and innovations from the workshops. To be done in the last hour of Saturday afternoon.


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