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Friday, June 28, 2019 07:09 AM

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Welcome to the NARSA History Blog, a digital publication that is dedicated to educating about the past of the organization and its members and industry. It also serves to preserve the memories and efforts of its members who have worked to better the industry and build the organization.

Did you know that in 1983, the average monthly number of repair jobs in NARSA shops was 226?

Did you know the percent of the business in repair shops was 42% in 1992 and 1983?

In 1968, Mr. G. A. Montgomerie, a director of Serck Ltd., Birmingham, England visited the NARSA home office, which was then located in Grosse Ile, MI. According to the NARSA report, in addition to its manufacturing operations, Serck had more than 50 repair shops throughout Great Britain. Serck's service outlets were large compared to North American standards often employing as many as 25 people.

In a magazine interview in 1990, Wynn Jacob, senior VP Marketing for Modine Mfg. Co., predicted that there would be a continued consolidation of radiator shop operations with fewer owners but with more outlets.