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Wednesday, December 13, 2017 09:23 AM

NARSA Honors Stand Out Young Leaders at the Convention

LAS VEGAS, NV – Once again NARSA opportunities, innovations and knowledge were front and center at its annual convention at AAPEX.  From board meeting to closing session, the venue provided a great opportunity to hear and see firsthand the vibrant culture of the global automotive aftermarkets.

"Attending AAPEX is a big investment in time and money but well worth it," said NARSA Executive Director Wayne Juchno.  He said that for industry veterans like himself the run up to AAPEX is full of mixed emotions. "You know it can be a grind and in some ways, you aren't looking forward to a lot of that. Once you get there, things change and change quickly. You see old friends and colleagues and meet a few new ones, and before you know it you are totally immersed and enjoying the opportunity. There is so much to see and to know. It is incredible."

Also incredible was the volunteer work some very special NARSA members put into the organization this past year.  NARSA President David Bienvenu in his remarks at the NARSA Membership Meeting and Awards Ceremony repeatedly praised the board members for their selfless efforts. He pointed out a new generation of NARSA leaders who he jokingly referred to as millennials only in age.

Young Man of the Year Kyle Rickermann, Affton Radiator & A/C Service and NARSA President David Bienvenu of Radiator Service Co.
Young Man of the Year Kyle Rickermann, Affton Radiator & A/C Service and NARSA President David Bienvenu of Radiator Service Co. 

Kyle Rickermann of Affton Radiator and A/C Service was named Young Man of the Year for his all-round efforts as co-chair of the HD Conference Committee, Secretary of the Board, committee member on the Training and Certification Committee as well as a member of the Finance and Spring Conference Committees. In all his activities he has been recognized as a true leader who leads by example and has the overwhelming drive to make things successful.  Committees are the back bone to project development as well as the drivers for fundraising.


Left: International Award Rafael Taveras Jr. Of Industria Core S.A., NARSA President, David Bienvenu of Radiator Service Co., Leadership Award Robert Duran of Cooling Systems Caribe

Other notable young leaders recognized included Rafael Taveras Jr. of Industria Core S.A. for his work with the NARSA International Tour and the HD Conference.  Rafael received the International Award for his contributions to the worldwide heat exchange community.

Robert Duran of Cooling Systems Caribe and Brady Lange of Maas Radiator were honored with leadership awards for their work on several of the meeting committees as well as the Board of Directors Bryan Braswell of Rocky Mount Radiator & A/C received the Technical Merit Award for his work that resulted in the creation of the module system for collecting and storing technical information. The first module was on Charged Air Cooling with Diesel Particulate Filters targeted for 2018.


Left: Technical Merit Award Bryan Braswell of Rocky Mount Radiator & A/C, NARSA President David Bienvenu of Radiator Service Co., Distinguished Service Award Edward Moore of TitanX 

These are the young leaders honored by David Bienvenu who called them the future of NARSA. Edward Moore of TitanX was recognized for his achievements in providing content and events for the NARSA HD Conferences and his overall support of NARSA through active participation on the Board. He was honored with a Distinguished Service Award.

Both Rocore and TitanX received Industry Awards for their ongoing support. 

Election Results

The annual election of directors is made each fall at the convention. Chosen to join the Board this year were Corey Roppel of Roppel Industries and Mitch Massey of Rocore. They will serve two-year terms that began on November 1. Current officers will continue to finish their two-year terms which expire in October 2018.          

Other Board Action

The Board reviewed progress on programs and the budget for fiscal year 2017-2018. Programs were proceeding as planned and on budget during the first quarter. The board also re-iterated its support for continued development of training information and on-line training.  It was noted that the newly named Steve White Education Fund was beginning to grow with approximately $15,000 that has been set aside and dedicated to the workforce development initiative.

The Board began laying plans for a more aggressive recruiting plan and the program is expected to kick off this spring.

Perhaps the most influential piece of Board business was its continued interest in the diesel exhaust aftertreatment market. The Board directed staff to add this area of technical and business activity to coverage in print and on-line publications.  Staff will also work with a newly formed committee to develop short and long-range plans to build membership and programming for what the Board sees as a high-growth area for NARSA and its members.

The annual golf tournament had been renamed the Seekins O'Connor Golf Cup Challenge and the first competition under this banner was held at the Desert Pine Golf Course. The tournament was re-named to honor long-time board leader Pat O'Connor who retired from the Board this past year. The first place team was Mark Taylor, Kyle Rickermann, Aaron LaLonde, and Bryan Braswell.