Upcoming Events:

2024 Spring Conference

Jun 6 2024

NARSA/IDEA members develop lasting relationships with colleagues, discover new products and suppliers, and learn new service techniques when they attend our conferences and events for the heating and cooling exchange industry.

Annual National Convention at AAPEX

  • NARSA/IDEA holds its Annual National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada; featuring The NARSA Heat Transfer and Mobile A/C Pavilion at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX).

Heavy Duty Heating and Cooling Conference

  • The NARSA/IDEA Heavy Duty (HD) and Cooling Conference is a unique educational event designed for thermal management professionals in the business of providing services and products for heat exchangers and cooling systems for commercial transportation and industry. This is a prime networking and learning event for business owners, decision makers, and key personnel. Join with other innovators and entrepreneurs to experience this unique niche meeting for the specialty markets for heavy duty heat exchanger service and products for transportation and industry.

Spring Management Conference

  • Our Spring Management Conference is designed for business owners and managers. The content at this meeting focuses on management (business, people, money), self- development, business tools, entrepreneurial studies, marketing and  market/economic outlooks.