Education & Certification

NARSA provides members with the opportunity to gain access to the industry by serving as your vehicle for education. NARSA opens doors for communication and learning among repair shop owners, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers. By working together and learning from each other, we will continue to unlock opportunities for growth.


  • NARSA Member Center:  NARSA Member Center is located on NARSA's website and is a NARSA's member only feature. Here NARSA members have access to NARSA publications, educational articles, forums, discussions and past event presentations. 
  • NARSA's Publications:  NARSA publications inform and educate about the people, products, technology, markets and commercial opportunities in heat exchange for transportation and industry. Receive the latest information about the industry through The Cooling Journal, NARSA NOW and The Heating & Cooling Product Guide. 
  • NARSA Events:  Develop lasting relationships with industry professionals, discover new products and suppliers, and learn new service techniques when you attend NARSA events for the heating and cooling exchange industry. 

 Heavy Duty Certification Program

NARSA Heavy Duty Certification certifies HD radiator repair shops and technicians in order to improve professionalism. As a NARSA member, your HD shop and technicians can be certified to show that you have the equipment and necessary technical and process knowledge to perform HD radiator repairs at a consistently high-level of quality and customer satisfaction. 

Certification for both the shop and its technicians is valid for three years. In order to maintain certification, the technician must make application for and pass additional certification tests every three years. The shop will also be required to reapply for certification every three years, and produce documentation that it still meets the required guidelines to maintain its certification status. 

NARSA’s HD Certification is a Two-Stage Process:

Stage 1 – Shop Certification Requires:

  1. Submission of Heavy Duty Shop Certification accompanied with a non-refundable certification fee of $395.00 U.S. for NARSA member shops ($495.00 U.S. for non NARSA member shops).
  2. Documentation that the business has been engaged successfully in HD radiator repair for at least one year
  3. Documentation that the business possesses and maintains the necessary shop equipment as listed in the “List of Necessary Shop Equipment.”
  4. Documentation of current business license Documentation of business permits and liability insurance coverage for bodily injury, death and property damage of at least one million dollars.
  5. Additionally, within 120 days of receipt of Shop Certification, at least one employee must become certified as a “NARSA HD Radiator Technician.”

Stage 2 – Technician Certification Requires:

  1. Documentation demonstrating that the candidate has completed one- year of HD cooling system related work.
  2. Successful completion of a NARSA designed, 40 question examination covering the following areas out- lined in the study guide, “NARSA Overhaul Procedures for Heavy-Duty Radiators”:

    • Shop Safety 
    • Cleaning 
    • Disassembly Procedures
    • Overhaul of Solder-Up Radiators 
    • Repair Definitions 
    • OHSA Information 
    • General Overhaul 
    • Bolt-Up Radiators 
    • HD Plastic Tank Procedures
    • List of Necessary Shop Equipment

 For more information email [email protected]

General Industry Knowledge:  Level One Certificate Program  

Level One — Heat Exchange Products and Services for Automobiles, Trucks, Equipment and Commercial Vehicles. The first level certification provides a base of information about the automotive and truck heat exchange businesses, technology and products. It serves as a building block for additional, more complex and more specific information. This course applies to all professionals including:  technicians, outside sales personnel, inside sales, counterpersons, warehouse personnel, production and manufacturing personnel, managers, service writers, drivers, business owners and business executives. 


  1. Describe the products and types of work performed. 
  2. Explain fundamental concepts of heat exchange. 
  3. Identify products used for heat exchange in automotive and commercial vehicles. 
  4. Identify types of materials used in construction of heat exchangers. 
  5. Identify the different components in heat exchangers. 
  6. Identify components and parts used in engine, cabin and transmission heating and cooling systems. 
  7. Explain needed information to identify parts. 
  8. Describe reasons for heat exchange failures. 
  9. Become aware of the need for safety and to avoid risk in the workplace. 
  10. Understand fundamental channels of distribution for products and services. 

The material in this course has been developed by active professionals in this business. Shop owners, technicians, engineers, manufacturing production staff, managers and sales people have all contributed to this body of knowledge. 

For more information and to take the test please email [email protected].